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The bodies of earthworms are made up of many ring-like segments. These ring-like segments are covered throughout with minute hair, and this hair helps them in moving around and burrowing. While earthworms are burrowed under the soil during the day, at night they come to the surface to feed.

Sometimes when you dig a bit of damp soil close to vegetation or where water from your kitchen goes into your garden you may come across earthworms. If you do, you are lucky because that means the soil in that area is rich in nutrients! Send us a description of the first earthworm you find!

The Earthworm Society of Britain has a very nice video on why earthworms are important for us.


Write to us at edu@ncf-india.org and tell us about your wormery (see how to make a wormery in the activity above) for a chance to win a book on Indian animals. If you are successful at making a wormery at home, show this to your friends and make your observations together. What are the worms in your wormery doing? Do you see their poo/excreta?

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One thought on “Worming Around

  • Sukeshni

    I found the earthworms inside the fertile soil in the agricultural land, with the help of a farmer I got those worms inside the bottle.
    After 3-5 days I saw the white layers were formed. I thought it would be fungus formed due to compost. It was powdery.
    So, I kept the bottle for another week because I was interested to figure it out something more like then of white layers. Like after some days what and all happens inside the bottle was strange questions had arrived.