They can be slow and sometimes slimy. But what else do you know about snails? Read on...

Ready, steady, slow!

Learn more about the beautiful and colourful "shoe flower"!

Hibiscus Tales

Do you have a green thumb? Find out by experimenting and growing your own food in your home, backyard or school...

A Kitchen Garden!

The earthworm is not just a slimy and wriggly earth coloured worm, its burrowing actions and its poop are what makes our soil rich in nutrients!

Worming Around

They are colourful and most of them are active at night. Some might eat into your clothes but many are very important pollinators! Learn more about the not-much talked about cousin of butterflies here...


Some plants and animals use ingenious tricks to pretend to be something else! But why would they want to do this? Read on to discover why...

Pretend Games

Being active at night instead of during the day give these animals a distinct advantage. Do you like being active at night as well?

Creatures of the Night

Did you know that all the food that plants require to function are produced by their leaves? Learn more about the secret lives of leaves here and send us your observations as well!

Life of a Leaf

Have you ever followed or watched a trail of ants? Did you know that ants live in nests and a colony of ants has mostly female ants? Learn more about ants here!