Monkey Tales

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Of all the monkeys you have come across, which is your favourite one and why? When you notice the different behaviours of the monkeys which ones seem most like what humans do? How similar or how different are their behaviours to humans? 

Different monkey species eat different types of food. Some largely eat fruits, flowers and leaves while others will largely feed on insects and reptiles. Some monkeys like the macaques have cheek pouches, where food is stuffed on the run so it can be chewed later. The monkeys found in cities because they forage in garbage dumps and around human habitation seem to have developed a taste preference for the food and drink we eat! Some monkeys found in forests also play an important role in the wild by pollinating flowers and dispersing seeds as they travel.

Try not to feed them

When you see monkeys begging on the sides of roads, it is best not to feed them, since they are not adapted to eat our kind of food. If they are fed by us the monkeys get used to our kind of food and then will not go out in the wild and find the food which they should be eating. Food given by humans, the sweet and oily stuff especially might make them ill, more prone to disease and also less afraid of humans who they view as their “food providers”. Tragically many monkeys also often get knocked down by vehicles when they come very close to beg for the food thrown by people from their cars. Do you have a story you can share with us about food and monkeys and your observations?


Tell us all you saw while watching monkeys. What were the monkeys doing? What special behaviours were you able to observe? Write to us at with your identification of the monkeys in the photographs and the details of your observation of monkeys for a chance to win a book about monkeys.

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