Hibiscus Tales

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Did you count the number of petals on your Hibiscus flowers? How may are there? Did you know that Hibiscus flowers come in different colours including white, yellow, orange, pink and even blue? Because the flowers of the Hibiscus plants are so brightly coloured they are often used by the food industry as a source of natural dye!
Some people also crush the flowers and leaves of the hibiscus to make a paste and this is used as a natural hair conditioner and shampoo. Do you have any other fun facts and stories about the hibiscus plant you would like to share with us?


Ask an elderly relative what the hibiscus is called in your mother tongue and the different ways they used the flower. Ask your friends and neighbours what it is called in their language. Send us your list of names (the longer the list, the better) or your drawings and notes from your field diary at edu@ncf-india.org for a chance to win a book on Indian plants.

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