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Life of a Leaf

Leaves-Sunandha V - A 500px

A photo of Sunandha’s experiment

By Sunandha V.
When a plastic bag is tied to a leaf of a plant, during the day we are able to see small, tiny water droplets. During the night, water droplets are not present. This is because of transpiration in plants. During the day, the temperature is very hot and therefore plants transpire , whereas, during the night the temperature is very cool and water droplets are not seen.



Gecko Gecko
Gecko activity winner

A poem by Vedang, Age 8

We are geckos, we have amazing tail
We stick to walls and ceiling without fail
We can shed our tail in danger,
& grow it back later.
We mostly wake in night,
Don’t be scared, we don’t bite!
We have a great sight,
On our feet, we are nimble and light!
Through your house, we go here and there
While you are cuddling with your teddy bear.
We keep your home clean like a house fairy
We chirp, bark & click when we’re hungry,
We sleep in the day, when we are weary,
Do drop us a mail at “edu@ncf-india.org”
if you have any more query! 


An observation and picture by Dipam Sen, Age 9 Moth - Dipam Sen

I got some moths from my balcony. I shot them with a camera as told by you.

Here is my picture. It is the most interesting moth to me as it is having a beautiful pattern on its wings and moths are harmless creatures.


Worming Around

A field diary entry by Sukeshni KapoorEarthworms in a Bottle

What I watched inside the bottle are below:

I saw them tunnelling after half an hour. It may have taken quite long to adjust in the bottle I feel.

They ate the vermicompost I had added before. The vermicompost contained left over corn cobs, banana peels, coffee grounds, garlic. I had no idea how they tolerated the smelly garlic!

Yes. I can now see their castings after about 2 days approximately.

I saw the worms breaking down organic matter and their castings were the main things left in the bottle.