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The globe skimmer is a dragonfly around 5 cm long and it’s common in the tropics all over the world. You can often see it between the months of April till October in India, especially peninsular India. Like others dragonflies, it needs freshwater to breed in. But this dragonfly does something remarkable. It lays its eggs in temporary rainwater ponds and puddles formed by the monsoon rains and so the adult dragonfly follows the monsoon rains – from India, to Africa and back!  Their trip from India to Africa takes only 4-5 days as they ride on strong winds. The nymphs of the dragonfly become adults in these ponds and puddles.
Dragonflies travel almost 16,000 kilometers each year including 11,000 over the oceans.  Insects, however don’t live for very long. The dragonflies that migrate to Africa, are not the ones that return to India six months later – it’s their great, great grandchildren that do so. 

Learn more about dragonflies through this very interesting video.


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