A Kitchen Garden!

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Now that you have grown your own fresh ingredients in your kitchen garden ask your friends and elders what food you can make using these ingredients and send us your recipes.
Do you think you can make a kitchen garden in your school as well? Speak to your teachers and classmates to help you find a place in your school to start a small kitchen garden there. If your school has a canteen you can use some of the food waste generated from there to make your own compost pit and wormery. Use the compost created from this for your school kitchen garden.


Send us your pictures of your experiments with making a kitchen garden and write to us at edu@ncf-india.org for a chance to win a book on gardening. Which is your favourite plant and did you run into any problems during your gardening experiments? How long did it take for your plants to grow? Remember to use your field book to keep your detailed notes and share all your observations with us! 

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