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You can listen to a discussion on the wonders of photosynthesis (from the BBC). And here is a very interesting activity to look at water transport through the stem to the leaves of a plant.


Did you manage to collect some leaves, find their names and examine them carefully? Did you do the experiment with the plastic bag? Tell us about your findings at for a chance to win a book on plants!

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    If you’ve managed to do the activity described here, please let us know at Do send us photos of your experiment and also note down various other details, including the kind of plant you used, whether you tied a bag over the entire plant or just a branch or a leaf, and how soon water droplets appeared. Once you’ve made your observations, do think about what might happen if you repeated this during the day in a very cold place, for example halfway up the Himalayan mountains!

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      Thank you Suriti, glad you liked it! Were you able to try out the “Working up a sweat” activity? Best wishes from all of us at Nature Calls!