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Have you ever followed or watched a trail of ants? Ant trails are often made up of hundreds of ants walking one behind the other for long distances. Sometimes, two ant trails cross each other. However, they rarely have a traffic jam. Biologists and physicists have been trying to find out how they do this. One way, apparently is by never overtaking – they move along with ants ahead of them in pairs, even groups, but they’re unlikely to zip past them. Watch an ant trail, place an obstacle, slow them down some other way and see if they overtake each other! When ants on a trail move in both directions, how do they not bump into each other? Let us know what you find, write to us at

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joy_on treeJoyshree Chanam is an expert on ants and she loves observing and studying them in the wild and in her specialised laboratory!


You can write to us or to Joyshree at and send us your drawings of the different ants you observed. Tell us how the ants reacted to the various foods you presented them with.
Write to us with your entries for a chance to win a book on insects!

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